Natural Analogue Test Field Project for CO2 Geological Storage

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2010 Kyushu University P&P Project
Project on Ito Natural Analogue for CO2 Storage, Project INAS
Principal Investigator@Kyuro Sasaki (Department of Earth Resources Eng., Faculty of Engineering)

Project Objectives:
@Safety and environmental assessments during and after CO2 injection are important for geological CO2 storage. It is required to set up safety guideline and to evaluate long-term environmental changes. Study on environmental changes between past and present geological phenomena is also essential for geological storage. However, direct measurements during long-term changes are difficult, because the diffusion and dispersion rates of CO2 are expected to be small rate and the evaluation period is sometimes needed more than 1,000 years. One of possible answers for this problem is an approache by a natural-analogue study that carries measurements at relatively shallow sediments.

A natural-analogue study on the CO2 dispersion and diffusion characteristics in the shallow sediments can be measured by gas concentration measuremeents on the surface. The measurements data are very usuful to build up a numerical model for CO2 effective diffusion from deep sediments to the surface.

Outline    Drilling
Left: Schematic Figure, Right: Drilling @ Test Field,ITO Campus, Kyushu University
Well Design
Location and Well Design
Sampling Cores
Sampling Cores

Surveys of the CO2 diffusion and dispersion
Surveys of the CO2 content in soil gas and CO2 flux emissions from the surface are carried out with carbon isotope ratio measurements to understand fluctures in the strata, and to build a numerical model for environmental assessments and safety control.

Present Field
Field at Present

Published Results

Laboratory Mwembers



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